talk: Electromagnetic Hygiene

Hi Boulder, I will be giving a talk on “Electromagnetic Hygiene” in two weeks on Saturday 2020-03-07 at 12:15. at Natural Grocers, 2685 Pearl St, Boulder, Colorado. Free and open to the public. It’s in the lunchroom, bring a lunch.

Electromagnetic Hygiene
How to Thrive in a Radiated World
Description: Electromagnetic hygiene is the practice of using and being around electrical and electronic devices in a healthful manner. Decades of research on electromagnetic radiation (EMR) have linked exposure to many now common chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, fatigue, insomnia, MS, joint pain, thyroid disease, and eczema. Healing these should include identifying and mitigating EMR, practical steps will be presented.

As I’ve always had a bias for durable and healthy construction, now making it a bit more focused with which offers advice, inspections, and remodeling solutions to environmental toxins. These ideas can be combined of course, so that any remodel or new construction becomes an opportunity for improved health.

“They dreamt not of a perishable home.” -William Wordsworth-

Electromagnetic Hygiene

Electromagnetic hygiene is the practice of using and being around electrical and electronic devices in a healthful manner. As with other hygienic practices, this can vary by culture or situation. I am writing this in October 2019 in Boulder Colorado, at a time when many people are expressing concern over the rollout of 5G mobile phone systems. The bad news is that 5G is only the latest form of artificial electromagnetic radiation to be concerned with, we’re already living in an increasingly dense environment of poorly-understood, invisible radiations. The good news is we’re still here, and as humans have the adaptive ability to thrive in all sorts of harsh environments.

Forms of Artificial Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Alternating Current (AC) standard house power supply, in the US 120V AC 60Htz. Interacts with brain’s cerebral cognitive functions which also work around 60Htz. The most pervasive and strong signal in urban environments.
  • “Dirty Electricity” frequencies overlaid on the house AC power. Can produce a wide variety of local spiky signals which disrupt various organ functions, and be very acidifying.
  • Mobile phone signals on a variety of networks and frequencies surround us everyday, acidifies the body, disrupts avian and insect navigation, heats water.
  • Wifi see above
  • Bluetooth see above
  • Smart meters send a regular strong pulsed signal that has been associated with heart palpitations. The nature of the signal varies a great deal between models.
  • ELF waves (extra-low-frequency). Travel through the ground, appear to originate at cellular towers, associated with sleep disruption and group psychosis.
  • TV, radio, CB, VHF, EPIRB, etc. are communication signals that have been around for decades. Documented cases of braces and other metallic objects resonating with these frequencies have appeared throughout their existence.
  • Weather radar, navigational radar, satellite, etc. signals have strict FCC rules meant to protect people that are commonly ignored in practice. FCC guidelines do not seem to consider the effects on airborn animals. Similar problems to mobile phone signals.

How do we protect ourselves from something we cannot see? As with oral and respiratory self-care, we make it a habit. These habits can be enacted on a daily basis, like tooth-brushing, or on a situational basis, like wearing a breathing mask.

Here are some suggested practices for electromagnetic hygiene:

  • Shut off the bedroom power when you sleep. I don’t mean just turn off your computer. I mean turn off the breaker to the room. Why? Because the AC current in the romex wall cables are interfering with your brain’s 60htz gamma frequency, an essential component of cognition. This also addresses some other issues like localized fields, dirty electricity, and unhealthy lighting. Deeper sleep and better dreams are commonly reported with this practice.
  • Use powerstrips to plug your electronic devices and powerbricks into, and turn off the strip when not in use (which shuts off power to everything plugged into them). Those AC-to-USB powerbricks are terribly inefficient, drawing power even with nothing plugged into them. And they create noise, “dirty electricity” that leads to unhealthy EM-fields and higher electric bills<link>.
  • Go Camping, and leave your phone behind. A couple days away from constant urban radiation will reset your body, and can do wonders for one’s health. Hiking, skiing, etc. is also helpful for this reason, aside from any benefit derived from exercise.
  • Wired is better than wireless. Use a wired keyboard, and a wired mouse. They emit less radiation and are reliable. Run ethernet cable to your home computer, it’s faster and much healthier than wifi. Consider a wired headset. Get an old-fashioned corded phone and run it through a VoIP service like Obi (almost free).
  • Bluetooth and Wifi are healthier than cellular service. Cell phones are designed to send a signal miles. Bluetooth and wifi have a range of 15-100 feet, a much weaker signal. Imagine standing next to a speaker that can be heard from a mile away, versus one that can only be heard from across the yard. The louder speaker is going to damage your ears.
    A bluetooth headset is still preferable to holding a phone to your head. Speakerphone is also a healthier choice. Voice-over-IP and pseudo-VoIP services like Republic Wireless are also a healthy compromise.
  • Step away from strong EM fields, computers, phones, etc. when possible. Put your hands in your lap when not typing. Be aware of your environment and respond to it.
  • Walk barefoot. Earthing doesn’t have to happen outside. By removing the rubber insulation barrier between your feet and floor many of the unwelcome radiations will pass right through you to the ground.
  • Breathe. Artificial EM-radiation is acidifying to the body, creating an environment conducive to bacterial infection, parasites, and cancer. Breathing exercises, especially “hot” breathing associated with cardio-vascular exercise will rapidly alkalinize the blood and counteract those harmful effects.

There are of course many other ways to mitigate the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, things like faraday rooms, insulated clothing and DC-powered homes. Such things are excellent to have, but cannot be a substitute for good hygiene. I hope this information serves you well.

+Toby Fernsler 2020-02-06


Chronic Diseases and Chronic Toxins

Chronic Disease and Chronic Toxicity

Chronic disease is a growing problem in the Western world. Medical practice uses the tools it has to treat/prevent diseases like rash, cancer, insomnia, dementia, leaky gut, Hashimoto’s, arthritis, and heart disease. Drugs, herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes all work on the premise that the cause of disease is within the individual. But what if the cause is the environment you live in?

Decades of research show that electromagnetic radiation can be the cause of a wide variety of chronic diseases, such as insomnia, irritable bowels, rashes, and cancer. City water carries industrial and medical waste that is not easily filtered by standard practices, and have a wide variety of unintended consequences. Air pollution is quite severe in many regions, and has different characteristics than from a few decades ago. Modern LED lighting and computer screens can adversely affect eyesight, sleep patterns, melatonin and vitamin D production. Cheap plastics leach endocrine disruptors like BPA. Some mattresses can off-gas harmful chemicals for years. Drywall can be up to 30% coal ash (heavy metals and radioactivity). Asbestos, mold, and lead are common in older homes.

When one’s immediate environment is chronically toxic, chronic diseases are inevitable and medical treatment will be of limited usefulness. To address the disease one must address the cause. This is the objective of Probiotic Homes; to identify and resolve persistent toxins in one’s immediate environment. To create homes and work environments that promote health.



Homes that support life within, and without.

Toby Fernsler

Here is a list of lifestyle practices, remodel options, and new building concepts that will enable residents and their environment to thrive together.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is a constant of modern life, and increasing. AC wall current keeps our bodies and brains vibrating at 50-60 Hz. Apartment dwellers may experience 15 Wi-Fi signals at a time. Cellular towers, TV signals, satellite signals, the laptop I’m typing on, all bathe our bodies in levels of EMR never experienced in mankind’s history. Documented side-effects include insomnia, cognitive dysfunction, and cancer.

Practical solutions to mitigate these effects exist; here are a few:

    1. Lifestyle: unplug wallwarts when not in use, switch off breakers to bedrooms at night, breath (alkalinizes blood), walk barefoot (ground)
    2. Remodel: grounding pads, faraday net, faraday paint, mobile-over-Wi-Fi, Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi, conduit rather than Romex, metal outlet boxes and and cover plates
    3. Neubauten: DC-powered homes, solar+battery, low-power efficient homes (less power draw => less radiation output), EMR-blocking walls

Poisoned Water: Water is rarely pure H2O, and even that can be harmful; leaching key minerals from the body. City water is typically treated with chlorine and/or chloramine to poison most bacteria and algae. The neurotoxin fluoride is a common additive. Colorado Front Range dwellers often have uranium in their well-water. Manufactured estrogen and other pharmaceuticals not filtered by standard means circulate and increase in the water supply, changing the sex of amphibians and encouraging young men to wear tight pants. Asphalt roof shingles render rain runoff undrinkable. Flint, Michigan, has so much lead+ in the water that it’s brown. Hydraulic fracturing renders some people’s water flammable.

Practical solutions to mitigate these effects exist; here are a few:

  1. Lifestyle: let water sit (chlorine, some other things evaporate), swirl water/aerate, buy spring/filtered drinking water
  2. Remodel: install filters: tap, shower, whole-house. Specialized filters exist for nearly anything you can imagine, test water forst to select correct filters.
  3. Neubauten: metal/ceramic roof, grey water systems, rain catchment, biodynamic landscaping

Chemical Air: The air we breathe is often taken for granted, but quality varies greatly and has a significant impact on our health and well-being. Outdoor air pollutants include smog, pollen, and geoengineering aerosols. Indoor air can be adversely affected by off-gassing, radon, mold, dust, BO, and stagnation.

Practical solutions to mitigate these effects exist, here are a few.

  1. Lifestyle: awareness (c.f. sh*t I smoke app), breathwork, breathing masks, air out home, houseplants, fountains, humidifiers
  2. Remodel: whole-house humidifier, garden room, built-in fountain/pool, natural furniture, milk paint, clay walls
  3. Neubauten: hempcrete, strawbale, design for comfort and air quality, built-in filters and greenhouses

Disruptive Lighting: The advent of electric lighting has been a blessing and a curse, extending working hours but disrupting our natural rhythms (e.g. second-sleep). Few houses are designed with much thought towards either natural or artificial lighting, and how it changes through the day. LED and fluorescent bulbs contain AC-DC transformers, which give them a subtle flicker, disrupt other devices on the circuit, and create harmful EMR. Modern electronics bathe the darkness with LED lights. TV, computer, phone, tablet screens demand our attention and exhaust our eyes.

Practical solutions to mitigate these effects exist; here are a few:

  1. Lifestyle: adjust lighting with the Sun, turn off all devices in bedroom for sleep, wind down before sleeping (no screen time), sleep at night, wake with the Sun, sungaze
  2. Remodel: install lights, curtains, paint to capture and guide the day’s light, skylights/solar tubes, adjustable light switches, varied light options, full-spectrum
  3. Neubauten: layout to utilize sunlight; bedrooms get morning light, kitchen and work get daytime light, deck/porch gets evening light. Walls, doors, ceilings, and windows angled to share light, and transition well to night lights. DC home powered lights.

Fractured Community: Modern home design is focused on privacy, and it works! Tall fences prevent having to look neighbors in the eye. Private driveways and mailboxes minimize the possibility of chance encounters. A lack of public space leaves people unaware of the names or lives of their neighbors. Tiny kitchens, unused living rooms, disjointed schedules with no shared meals extend the fractures into the household.

Practical solutions to mitigate these effects exist; here are a few:

  1. Lifestyle: schedule household gatherings, make time for each other. Throw annual block parties     (once a year is still significant for making connections). Take     the time to greet a chance neighborly encounter. Pay attention; attend neighborhood gatherings, listen to housemates, watch the birds.
  2. Remodel: build a little library. reduce or remove fences to what is needed. Build a kitchen based on optimal socializing, not storage. Build a front stoop/public space before the privacy of home, and use it.
  3. Neubauten: Houses and neighborhoods designed with both private and public spaces. Awareness of shade, trees, traffic, maintenance in the building plans. Thinking of a window not only “what light does it let in?” but also “what do I present to the world?”.


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