Chronic Diseases and Chronic Toxins

Chronic Disease and Chronic Toxicity

Chronic disease is a growing problem in the Western world. Medical practice uses the tools it has to treat/prevent diseases like rash, cancer, insomnia, dementia, leaky gut, Hashimoto’s, arthritis, and heart disease. Drugs, herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes all work on the premise that the cause of disease is within the individual. But what if the cause is the environment you live in?

Decades of research show that electromagnetic radiation can be the cause of a wide variety of chronic diseases, such as insomnia, irritable bowels, rashes, and cancer. City water carries industrial and medical waste that is not easily filtered by standard practices, and have a wide variety of unintended consequences. Air pollution is quite severe in many regions, and has different characteristics than from a few decades ago. Modern LED lighting and computer screens can adversely affect eyesight, sleep patterns, melatonin and vitamin D production. Cheap plastics leach endocrine disruptors like BPA. Some mattresses can off-gas harmful chemicals for years. Drywall can be up to 30% coal ash (heavy metals and radioactivity). Asbestos, mold, and lead are common in older homes.

When one’s immediate environment is chronically toxic, chronic diseases are inevitable and medical treatment will be of limited usefulness. To address the disease one must address the cause. This is the objective of Probiotic Homes; to identify and resolve persistent toxins in one’s immediate environment. To create homes and work environments that promote health.

Published by Toby Fernsler

Mathematician, scientist, algorithm and software engineer, commercial fisherman, handyman, family man. Working on adding sheriff to the list.

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