MID pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there ’s no place like home

About the Probiotic Home

The probiotic home provides shelter from the elements while inviting the benefits of the natural world. It is a fortress and welcoming social space. It provides modern convenience and addresses the risks of modern living. It is highly efficient and also convenient. It is conducive to work and play. It is home and sanctuary.

Probiotic Homes was born out of a frustration with modern US construction practices that result in haphazard toxic disposable homes. Nearly every aspect of home design and building can easily be improved upon. Proper site planning can assure good views, healthy light, shelter from storms, and good neighbors. A solid ventilated foundation will reduce risk of flooding, shifting, and radon gas poisoning. Reliable, certified non-toxic alternatives to almost every common building material are available and will become more common and easily obtained as demand grows. Recognizing that thermal comfort comes not only from convection but also conduction and radiation can lead to cleaner air and lower costs. Electrical systems can be designed to draw much less power and less radiation while providing all the modern conveniences of the digital age. Bedrooms should be shielded and grounded against unwanted electromagnetic radiation. Water filtration should not be an afterthought. Water leaks should not be a crisis. Lighting should be natural and adaptive throughout the day.

Probiotic Homes seeks to create homes that go beyond non-toxic and green, to build environments that are actually healing to both occupants and land. Homes that look at the visible and invisible, internal and external, past and future, and bring them all into harmony in the present.


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