Home Health Analysis

A home health analysis is an inspection and report on how one’s living environment can affect the occupant’s health. It will include recommendation on how to improve that environment, ranging from simple behavioral changes to health-focused remodel solutions. It is a sort of technical feng shui.

Where appropriate and possible measurements are taken with instrumentation, however a great deal can be learned through visual and physical inspection by a knowledgeable individual and this is a critical part of the home health analysis.

What is Analyzed:

  • Air quality is effected by particulate matter, freshness, oxygen content, mold, radon, electrical charge, humidity, and volatile organic compounds. Children and pets are more susceptible to poor air quality, as they are closer to the ground where toxins collect.
  • Electromagnetic radiation is ever-present in this modern world, and can be adversely effected by faulty home AC wiring, dirty electricity, smart meters, electronic devices, charging stations, wifi, cellular towers, ground currents, plumbing and gas lines. Children and pets are more susceptible to electromagnetic radiation, as their bodies are smaller and more easily penetrated.
  • Water quality can be adversely effected by pathogens, city additives like chloramine, leached uranium and radon, agricultural pesticides and herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, smog, and hydraulic fracturing fluids. Persistent toxins will accumulate in older people, and many of these chemicals can interfere with young being’s development.
  • Lighting can adversely effect bodily functions and sleep cycles through color, spectrum range, subtle flicker, and intensity.
  • Sound can be numbing, confusing, or damaging. Silence can be excruciating. Noise is a subtle and important element of our emotional and mental health.
  • Thermal comfort is dictated by conduction, convection, and radiation. American homes are commonly built with only convection as a consideration, but all of these create different experiences of warmth, and have unexpected affects on the other qualities listed here.
  • Aesthetics have a great affect on our productivity and mental health, as well as on household dynamics and harmony.

What is Reported:

A room-by-room report will summarize findings on the qualities described above, as well as a report on the home in its environment. Practical suggestions for habitual changes, device alterations, helpful devices, maintenance and remodel solutions will be provided. Relevant source material for further study will be cited. Good environmental qualities will also be reported.

How this will help:

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, fatigue, insomnia, MS, joint pain, thyroid disease, allergies, and eczema are now common in the Western world, and increasing. Chronic exposure to toxins may explain this prevalence. I believe that by identifying and removing sources of environmental toxins occupants can prevent such chronic diseases from occurring, heal more completely and quickly, and achieve unexpected levels of health and well-being.

Procedure: Clients should allow for a 1-2 hour inspection of their home, and may be needed for questions and clarifications. A report will then be prepared and delivered in the next few days.

Cost: $200. While further services to address identified sources of toxicity will be offered, clients are under no obligation to procure them from Probiotic Homes. This is meant as an informational starting point towards greater health.

Disclaimer: This service is not claimed to diagnose or treat any particular disease. The statements here are opinions, and have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other government body. A Home Health Analysis is a private contract service, and results are kept confidential.

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